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ProActive Care Maintenance

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Why is Maintenance Important?

We continually monitor your network and computer systems for issues which allows us to respond quickly when problems are detected. Monitoring however, is not a replacement for routine maintenance. Managing a computer network is much like maintaining a vehicle. If you don’t change the oil and fluids at regular intervals, service the brakes when necessary and replace the tires when required, your car not only will be less reliable and break down more often but you will also be putting yourself at increased risk to operate it. We believe that properly maintained systems are key in achieving adequate levels of security, performance and reliability. Thus, our maintenance program is an important part of our initiative to secure, protect, and maintain your network and technology systems.

What Kind of Maintenance do you Perform?

We perform daily and weekly maintenance on your systems including: 

  • Backup verification
  • Critical operating system patch installation
  • Critical 3rd party patch installation
  • Anti-virus scans & updates
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Server restarts
  • Workstation restarts
  • Other important maintenance as required

When is Maintenance Performed?

Manual and automated server, workstation, and other system maintenance is performed on an as-needed basis daily. Maintenance begins at 9PM and is completed by 5AM the following morning. Thursdays are dedicated to specific workstation maintenance tasks and after completion, all workstations will be shut down except for those you have requested we leave turned on for remote access purposes.

Please save any updates to programs, documents, or spreadsheets by 9PM each day to avoid data loss when computer maintenance is performed.

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