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How to Screen Capture

Table of Contents

Using Microsoft Print Screen Tool

  1. Press PrtScn Button: Press the Print Screen Key on our keyboard and you will see a small menu on the top middle side of your computer screen.
  2. Select Capture Area: Move your mouse to the upper right of the area you would like to capture, click and hold down your left mouse button, drag your mouse the lower left hand point of the area you would like to capture, and release the left mouse button to capture selected area to your clipboard.
  3. Paste Captured Image: Open the email, document, or application you would like to paste your image to, select location you would like image to appear in, and press “Control” + “V” to paste your image.

Using Microsoft Snipping Tool

The Microsoft “Snipping Tool” is a great way to capture an image of your entire screen or just a portion of your screen. Once you capture the image you want, you can also use the tool to annotate and save or your email your captured image.

  1. Launch Windows Snip & Sketch:  Click Windows Start button, type “Snip” and then “Snip & Sketch” it in the search results.
  2. Initiate & Capture Image: 
    1. Select “New”.
    2. Position cursor on upper left hand corner of the image you wish to capture.
    3. Click and hold your left mouse button, drag your mouse to the lower left hand corner of the image you wish to capture and release mouse button.
  3. Annotate Image: Select desired tool from top row and use to annotate image as desired.
  4. Save Image or Attach to Outlook Email: 
    1. To save the captured image to computer, click Snip & Sketch disk icon (image on left in red box below) navigate to your “Downloads” folder, name file and click “Save button.
    2. To attach image to Outlook email, click Snip & Sketch copy icon (image on right in red box below), create a new email message in outlook, position cursor in desired place for image in message and click “Paste” button.

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