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DTS helps you overcome technology challenges unique to the healthcare industry. Our service model is based on controlling risks, securing data, boosting efficiency, and reducing expenses, all with the objective of making it easier for you to deliver quality patient and client outcomes.

Problems solved

DTS IT outsourcing for the healthcare industry directly addresses: 

Data security

Protect your client information and ensure compliance with regulations without needing to spend the resources of large healthcare organizations.


Integrate multiple IT systems for seamlessly and safely exchanging data with other healthcare providers and organizations.


Adopt technologies that streamline office processes like recordkeeping, appointments, billing, HR, and accounting.

Limited resources

Find tailored, affordable IT solutions that enable small and medium-sized healthcare providers to deliver quality for their patients and clients while ensuring profitability.

Regulatory compliance

Navigate the risks of complex and evolving healthcare regulations like HIPAA without needing to invest in dedicated compliance staff and resources.

Digital transformation

Keep pace with new healthcare technologies, such as telemedicine or electronic health records (EHR), and leverage advanced digital tools for patient care.

How Alameda Eye Physicians benefits from their IT

Vincenzo Scalisi is Office Manager for a busy ophthalmology practice with 4 doctors and 10 employees.

How is technology important to your practice?

We run our daily lives with software platforms for patient data, appointments, billing, and so on.

What’s your relationship with DTS?

They supervise pretty much everything computer and software related. They basically look after us so we can run our business smoothly.

Any specific examples?

Well, anytime there is an urgency for us, somebody jumps in right away and takes over. You don’t have to dial and wait. You always talk to a live person, and it feels like they care about you.

What would you tell someone who's considering DTS services?

Go for it. They do a great job. We’re very happy with the service.

Solutions that help you meet the technology and compliance challenges in the highly regulated healthcare sector

Leverage our extensive experience in deploying and maintaining IT systems for clinics, practices, hospitals, and labs. We’ve been specialists in healthcare IT since our founding in 2008, and are qualified in multiple compliance standards including HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI.

ProActive Care™ delivers comprehensive IT outsourcing for healthcare industry professionals

Everything you need to secure, protect, and maintain your operations

ProActive Care™ provides enterprise-level IT support at an affordable flat monthly rate. 24/7 monitoring? Help desk support? Projects? Managed backups and security? Done! 

ProActive Care™ is your complete solution for a worry-free IT experience. Never worry about IT again!

IT outsourcing solutions for the healthcare industry

IT experts with nationwide reach

Since 2008, DTS has been providing IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across the lower 48 states from our base in the Bay Area. 

From regulatory compliance, network design, hardware integration, and systems management, DTS does it all.

Wherever you are, contact us today to join our growing list of satisfied clients.

Maximize the ROI from your technology

Small and medium-sized healthcare providers often face constraints in terms of IT budgets, staffing, and expertise, making it challenging to implement and maintain robust IT infrastructure and systems. Gain confidence that your budgets and resources are meeting the growing demand for technology-driven healthcare solutions with DTS.

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