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For outsourced cybersecurity, Bay Area SMBs and nonprofits have been relying on DTS since 2008. We offer single-solution plans that comprehensively secure your data and facilitate regulatory compliance.

You can use our co-managed services to augment your existing IT team or choose a fully managed service to free you completely from the cybersecurity burden.  

Why outsource your cybersecurity?

Save money

Our scalable services and flat monthly pricing are far more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house cybersecurity team.

Maintain focus

Worry about your core competencies and business strategy rather than your network security and compliance obligations.

Stay safe

Protect yourself with 24/7 monitoring, automated backups and recovery, and proactive incident response planning.

Build resilience

Keep ahead of emerging threats through regular security assessments and staff awareness training.

Stay compliant

More easily navigate your regulatory obligations as we ensure your compliance with data protection laws.

Level up

Access the latest technologies and our years of expertise much faster than doing it on your own through hiring and IT investments.

The client’s voice

“How an IT company should operate.”

We have a dozen doctors, 42 employees, and over 1,000 new patients a year in a fully paperless office. DTS set up our network and integrated our phone systems, video surveillance, and all our security. They have proved to be one of the most important forces in helping our company grow and thrive.

Dr. Alan Goldhamerr

Director, True North Health Center
Santa Rosa, CA

Why Choose DTS to keep you secure and compliant in the Bay Area?

We’re constantly updating our knowledge of the Bay Area’s evolving cyberthreat landscape, ensuring your business is protected against any new threat.

We are experts in managing our clients’ cybersecurity in the Bay Area and throughout the US. Wherever you operate and whatever risks you’re facing, we can help.

Leverage our expertise to fill the talent gaps your company needs but can’t afford. Our plans are scalable, and the ROI means they pay for themselves.

Find out more about how our outsourced cybersecurity in the Bay Area can protect your business:

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How DTS ProActive Care™ keeps your Bay Area business safe

Your business or nonprofit is protected by enterprise-level security measures at an affordable flat monthly rate.

Enterprise-level outsourced cybersecurity that Bay Area SMBs and nonprofits rely on

Alongside the ProActive Care™ fundamentals, the following advanced features take your security to the next level:

24/7/365 monitoring

Advanced monitoring tools and our years of continual refinement track dozens of metrics across your system, around the clock. Your network status is constantly checked to ensure its security and performance, and DTS engineers are notified before problems arise.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

A reliable backup system is absolutely critical, so we created ProActive Backup™ powered by Veeam, the global leader in backup technology. 

Cloud security services

The DTS Cloud provides your organization with secure applications to meet your productivity needs. These highly cost-effective and scalable applications include:

Email with encryption

Fully managed by DTS engineers, our SecureMail platform can be customized to your needs and provides flexibility and regulatory compliance.

Cybersecurity reporting

We don’t just tell you how we’re securing your operations: You receive monthly system health reports giving visibility into your network security and how our team is managing your systems. This includes the status of your backups, patches, antivirus, and email and internet security. Our monthly reports answer all these questions and more.

Your Cybersecurity Checklist

Self-assess your organization’s current security status with this free questionnaire covering:

The checklist features 35 questions that give insights into the state of your organization’s security and resiliency. The results will help identify any gaps and the corresponding actions to address them. It is completely free of charge or obligation.

What the results look like

Leverage our experience delivering outsourced cybersecurity solutions for multiple industries in the Bay Area

Providing the outsourced cybersecurity Bay Area businesses need since 2008

SMBs in the Bay Area choose us for security and compliance because of our long history in the region and our unbroken chain of satisfied clients. From your basic network security to advanced disaster recovery planning, you can free yourself from the burden of fighting today’s threats.

The client’s voice

“I don’t see how we could ever do what we do without DTS.”

We’re a paperless office: recordkeeping, reports, communication are all digital. Our biggest problem was our IT support was out of state — sometimes it would be a day until they could get to us. With DTS, we get a response within minutes to any issue, and everything’s in their report at the end of each month. It’s fantastic.

Robert Leach, DDS

Lead, Villaggio Dental
Healdsburg, CA

How you can solve unique Bay Area challenges through outsourcing your cybersecurity

While the Bay Area shares common cybersecurity risks with other regions in the US, there are some unique risk factors here that organizations need to address proactively in order to safeguard their digital assets and maintain resilience.

The Bay Area attracts cybercriminals due to the high concentration of technology companies and research institutions. In particular, the prevalence of tech giants in the Bay Area heightens concerns around data privacy and protection. These firms, their contractors, and their employees are all prime targets for cyberattacks aimed at stealing intellectual property or disrupting critical infrastructure.

The Bay Area’s thriving startup ecosystem and culture of innovation can be both a boon and a risk factor for cybersecurity. Startups often have limited resources to invest in robust cybersecurity measures, making them vulnerable to cyberthreats targeting emerging technologies or intellectual property.

The Bay Area attracts a highly skilled and tech-savvy workforce in multiple high-value fields. While this talent pool drives innovation, it also presents a challenge in terms of insider threats or targeted attacks aimed at exploiting privileged access to sensitive information.

The demand for cybersecurity professionals in the Bay Area is high, given the region’s tech-centric economy. This competitive landscape makes it challenging for organizations to recruit and retain top cybersecurity talent, leading to potential gaps in security expertise.

The Bay Area is subject to a wide variety of state and federal regulations related to data privacy, cybersecurity, and consumer protection. SMBs and nonprofits operating in the region must navigate a complex regulatory landscape, including laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA).

Many companies in the Bay Area rely on complex supply chains and partnerships with vendors and third-party service providers. This interconnected ecosystem can introduce cybersecurity risks through supply chain attacks, where attackers exploit vulnerabilities in a partner’s network to gain access to the target company. Specialized cybersecurity countermeasures are required. 

The rapid pace of IT development in the Bay Area, particularly in areas like AI, virtual environments, and the Internet of Things (IoT), can introduce new cybersecurity challenges that SMBs aren’t prepared for. Combined with the high-risk culture of early adoption, organizations may struggle to keep pace with evolving threats and vulnerabilities associated with cutting-edge tech.

Outsourced cybersecurity in the Bay Area just became easier to find:

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2. Assessment

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3. Solution

Watch our experts address your cybersecurity and compliance risks.

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Frequently asked

An MSP gives you the ability to partially or completely outsource your technology needs. We are specialists who provide IT tools, know-how, and support, so you can focus on your business.

MSPs proactively monitor their clients’ IT environments and implement extensive maintenance and management policies, keeping disruptions low and performance high. Break-fix providers typically respond only after issues that cause downtime are noticed by staff.

When assessing MSPs, ask: How long does it take you to respond? How quickly are issues typically resolved? Do you have a service level agreement? Do you guarantee I can cancel your services if you don’t perform?

We are headquartered in California’s Bay Area and provide IT services there as well as all US cities with a population of 75K or larger. 

We review and assess all support requests within 60 seconds.

Yes, simply send in a support request to [email protected] or call us at 707-536-9173. We provide comprehensive support both onsite and remote. Learn more here.

We assist our clients in meeting multiple regulatory compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and others. Learn more here.

Yes, we guarantee you’ll love our services. If you believe we haven’t delivered on what we promise in our contract, you have the option to cancel and receive a refund for your last month of service.

Our IT service plans start at just $600 per month for up to 10 users. Learn more here.

DTS was founded in the Bay Area in 2008 by John Newcomb to serve the IT needs of the healthcare industry. Since then, we’ve grown our team and expanded our abilities to secure, protect, and maintain a variety of businesses throughout the US. We now support healthcare, non-profits, manufacturing, the public sector, and a wide range of professional services like finance and law firms. Learn more here.

No, we are headquartered in the Bay Area and provide IT services there, but we service all cities in the US with a population of 75K or larger.

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