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Contact & Support Procedures

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Support Hours of Operation

Our help desk is open 7AM-7PM, 7 days a week local time. On-site support is available Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM local time. Remote and on-site support is available outside of these periods at our after-hours rates.

When to Contact Us for Support

Contact us when you encounter errors, malfunctions, or technical issues of any kind with:

  • Computer hardware or software issues
  • Printer, scanner, or other computer peripheral issues
  • Deleted or overwritten files
  • Email system issues
  • Phone system issues
  • Music or video issues
  • Security camera issues
  • Network connected device issues
  • Any other computer or network related issue

All Department Contacts

Help Desk [email protected] 707-536-9173, Option 1 Support assistance
Solutions [email protected] 707-536-9173, Option 2 Project planning and proposals
Sales [email protected] 707-536-9173, Option 3 New client managed services sales
Accounting [email protected] 707-536-9173, Option 5 Billing questions & inquires 

Support Contact Info Location

Our contact info is located on the lower right hand corner of each desktop in your office for easy access. You computer name is also indicated for easy machine ID when speaking with one of our support professionals.

Training Related Requests

To get answers to training or “how to” based questions with your practice management, imaging, or other medical software, please contact your software vendor support department directly. DTS can provide support contacts if needed. 

Support Escalation

If at any time you feel your support issue is not being given the appropriate amount of attention, please contact our support line (707-856-9173, option 1) and ask that your issue be escalated. You may also request to speak with a manager.

Two Special Requests to You

1. One Request per Email
So we can give each support issue you submit the attention it deserves, please send a separate email message for each individual issue you have. Doing so allows us to schedule an adequate amount of time and the appropriate support representative to each request.

2. Respond to Requests from Related Emails
If a service ticket has been generated and you want to respond or update us about the issue, please REPLY to any email you receive relating to your original request, rather than creating a new email to reply. This allows the system to keep all related correspondence in the same ticket.

Our Support Process

1. Support Request
To create a support request, please email our help desk.

2. Acknowledgement
A new service ticket is generated and an email confirmation of your request is sent to you.

3. Ticket Processing
Once your request is in our system, our dispatch team will review it within 60 seconds, set priority appropriately, and assign the best resource to effectively address it.

4. Response
Once we assess the issue, we will respond via phone or email. We will stay in touch with you each time we work on your issue until complete.

5. Resolution
When we resolve your issue, you will receive a call or email with details of what was done to address the issue.


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