Cloud Managed Services

Productivity, security, and reduced capital expenses

We lack the in-house expertise to know which cloud solutions are right for our needs.
We’re worried about the safety of our sensitive information stored in the cloud.
We’re struggling to integrate our existing systems and applications with our cloud network.
The cost of cloud infrastructure and the staff to maintain it are significant barriers.
We keep hearing about how the cloud is a game-changer for collaboration, but we can’t seem to make it work.
We’re not sure our staff knows how to stay secure when they work remotely.

Simplified cloud management from DTS

The DTS Cloud is an all-in-one solution with the tools you need to reach your productivity goals. It’s an alternative to Microsoft 365 that provides similar functionality at less than ½ the cost and with none of the hassles.

DTS SecureMail

Compliant, secure, business-class email with encryption

DTS SecureChat

A rich persistent chat platform for one-to-one and team collaboration

DTS SecureShare

Secure file sharing with clients, colleagues, and organizations

DTS SecurePass

Secure staff password management and private team sharing

DTS SecureFax

Compliant, paperless, and searchable electronic faxing

PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)

Virtual server and application hosting plus remote desktop services

Why Choose DTS to manage your cloud?

Our engineers have been designing and managing cloud environments since the technology arrived in the mid-2000s. This includes enterprise and SMB systems, hosted electronic health records systems, and managing data center infrastructure. 

You’ll have all the tools for your productivity needs, and we’ll have full responsibility for managing every function of your system to ensure its performance, day in and day out.

We are experts in managing our clients’ regulatory obligations in virtual workspaces, including secure cloud-based communication, document management, and disaster recovery. 

Find out more about how DTS Cloud Managed Services can protect your business by taking the next step.

Questions about your IT? Visit our Client Resources center.

Here you can find easy-to-understand technology guides and cybersecurity best practices.

What can the cloud do for my business?

Migrating your business processes to a cloud network offers endless benefits. Here are some highlights:

By migrating to a cloud network, you reduce the upfront costs of hardware, software, and maintenance. Instead, you pay for the services on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis, which can be much more cost-effective for small and medium-sized businesses. You no longer need to waste money and space for on-site servers, and software updates and maintenance tasks are handled by the cloud provider.

Because files and applications can be accessed from anywhere, the cloud enables seamless collaboration regardless of people’s physical locations. And the cloud streamlines business processes by automating tasks and providing real-time data, leading to faster decision-making and improved operational efficiency.

Expert cloud managed services like ours employ robust security measures like encryption and data redundancy, ensuring your business-critical information is protected from cybercrime and accessible even in the event of hardware failure or natural disaster.

Cloud networks provide the ability to scale your resources up or down based on your business needs. This allows you to easily accommodate growth or fluctuations in demand without the need for significant infrastructure investments.

Success Stories

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“One of the best decisions I have ever made was hiring Digicom Technology Solutions several years ago to design and implement... our Computer Network and telephone systems. John Newcomb and his company have proved to be one of the most important forces in helping our company grow and thrive. We now have 11 doctors, 42 employees, and see over 1000 new patients per year in a fully integrated paperless office. DTS is a model of how an IT company should operate."

Dr. Alan Goldhamer

True North Health Center

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"Of all the partners we work with, DTS is by far the best—literally our #1 partner. I have never felt that they weren't doing their... absolute best to support us."

Lara Mendel, Exec. Director

The Mosaic Project

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"The thing I like the most is the rapid response. Most of the time we get a response within minutes and that's fantastic—it's... awesome. I just don't see how we could ever do what we do without the support we receive from DTS."

Robert Leach, DDS

Villaggio Dental

IT experts with nationwide reach

Since 2008, DTS has been providing IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across the lower 48 states from our base in the Bay Area. 

From regulatory compliance, network design, hardware integration, and systems management, DTS does it all.

Wherever you are, contact us today to join our growing list of satisfied clients.

DTS Cloud: Enterprise-level productivity and security solutions for SMBs and nonprofits

Some of the features of our cloud managed services in detail:

24/7/365 monitoring

Your DTS cloud solution will include advanced monitoring tools we use to track dozens of metrics across your cloud network, around the clock. Your network status is constantly checked to ensure its security, reliability, and performance, and our engineers are notified before any problems can arise. You can learn more about our IT support services here.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

A reliable backup system is absolutely critical, so we created ProActive Backup™ powered by Veeam, the global leader in backup technology.

Encrypted email

Fully managed by DTS engineers, our SecureMail platform can be customized to your needs and provides flexibility and regulatory compliance.

Cloud telephone systems

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems offer cost savings and productivity features that traditional telephones can’t match. Our cloud network VoIP phones deliver amazingly clear sound, simple and efficient call controls, and robust mobility features for both iPhone and Android, all managed and maintained for you.

Cloud migration consulting

We are committed to helping you harness the full potential of cloud technology for your success. Wherever you are in the cloud migration process, we’re here to clarify the tech talk and help you understand the multiple competitive advantages the cloud has to offer.

DTS Cloud Managed Services: What the results look like

Finding your cloud managed services provider just became easier:

1. Contact

Book a free discovery call to share your situation and clarify your options.

2. Assessment

Receive your personalized assessment and action plan.

3. Solution

Watch our experts set up, integrate, and maintain your cloud network.

Leverage the best in the business

Frequently asked

Yes. Most organizations find that migrating to the cloud offers significant cost reductions and operational efficiency. These include infrastructure costs, because you don’t need to purchase servers, storage devices, and networking equipment. You also don’t need to pay to power this hardware, maintain it, upgrade it, or create space in your facility to store it. 

Savings also come from the software side, which you no longer need to purchase or maintain, since it’s included in the cloud service and delivered online, constantly updated and secure. 

Just as importantly, you do not need to hire or train in-house network experts, since this is the responsibility of the cloud service provider. 

Finally, the agility of cloud-based work environments allows you to respond to opportunities and challenges much more effectively, ultimately resulting in better profitability.

No, we offer our DTS Cloud as an all-inclusive package, but we can provide only the tools you need. Our team has years of experience working with the main cloud platforms and vendors, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and 365, Google Workspace, and others.

We’ve migrated countless small and medium-sized businesses to the cloud, and we understand the concern that change can slow you down. But our process is so well established and systematic that your operations won’t be impacted. We’ll provide your team with detailed instructions for the migration process, and we offer a range of ongoing training for using your new productivity tools. You can learn more about our cloud migration services here

We are headquartered in California’s Bay Area and provide services to all US cities with a population of 75,000 or larger. 

We review and assess all support requests within 60 seconds.

Yes, simply send in a support request to [email protected] or call us at 707-536-9173. We provide comprehensive support both onsite and remote. Learn more here.

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