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Creating Email Rule to Move Messages to a Folder

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Outlook Email processing rules allow organizing email messages through automated actions, based on specified criteria.  A few examples are that incoming emails can be automatically sorted into folders, flagged as important, deleted immediately, or replied to with canned responses.  There are many different actions that can be taken through email rules and using this feature can greatly reduce the effort required to process your email messages. Refer to the instructions below to you email rules to move specific messages automatically to a folder.

  1. Open Outlook: Select the Outlook email program from the taskbar.

  2. Create Target Folder: Right click on “Inbox”, select “New Folder”, and create a new folder for the location you would like your specific messages moved to.
  3. Select Email & Start Rule Wizard: Right-click an one of the messages you would like moved automatically into the folder you just created, select “Rules” and “Create Rule”.
  4. Select Rules: Check “From” box if you would like messages from a particular sender moved to a folder or “Subject Contains” if you wish to filter by email subject instead. You can also select “Advanced Options” if you would like to employ additional filtering parameters. Once done, click “OK”.
  5. Initiate Rule: Check “Run this rule now on messages already in the current folder” and click “OK” to initiate email processing rule.


  6. Done: The email rule will now run against the inbox, process the rule you created, and continue to process the rule until cancelled.
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