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iPhone/iPad Email Setup – Primary Mailbox

Table of Contents

These instructions were written for iOS 17 and may vary depending on the version of iOS installed on your device.

  1. Select “Settings”: On your iOS device (iPhone or iPad), navigate to and select “Settings”.   


  2. Select “Mail: Select “Mail” button. 
  3. Select “Accounts”: Select “Accounts” button.   


  4. Select “Add Account”: Select “Add Account” button. 


  5. Select “Exchange”: In “Add Account” module, select “Exchange”.                     


  6. Enter Preliminary Account Info: Enter email address, enter an account description, and select “Next”. 


  7. Select “Configure Manually”: If you see the following warning, select “Configure Manually”.   


  8. Enter Password: Enter your account password and select “Next”. 


  9. Enter Remaining Account Info: Enter the following information and select “Next”.
    1. Server:
    2. Domain: dhshosting.local
    3. Username: Enter your email address.   


  10. Select “Save”: Select “Save” to save email settings.
 Account setup is now complete! You should start to see email populate in your inbox after a few minutes.
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