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Remote Access Authentication

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In order to secure your electronic health records systems and maintain security compliance, we must now use  two-factor authentication for remote access. Please follow the process below before initiating your remote access connection.

Install and Configure Two-Factor Authentication App

If authentication app is already configured OR if using WatchGuard AuthPoint hardware token, proceed to “Initiate Remote Access Session” section. 

    1. Install WatchGuard AuthPoint Mobile App: With your smart phone device, download and install “WatchGuard AuthPoint” from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.     
    2.  Open App and Tab “Activate”: Open AuthPoint App and tab “Activate” button.
    3. Allow Camera Access: If prompted, allow access to mobile device camera.
    4. Open WatchGuard Activation Email & Start Activation: From a desktop or laptop computer, check for an email message from WatchGuard with “Activation” in the subject line and once located, click “Start Activation” button (a web browser opens, displaying a QR code).


  • The WatchGuard activation email must be opened from a laptop or desktop computer. 
  • You can access your email anywhere from or your business OWA site.
  • If you did not receive a WatchGuard activation email message, please contact DTS Support.

5. Scan QR Code: Position your smart phone camera over the QR code and once captures, the success message below will display. 

6. Name & Save Token: Give your token an appropriate name such as “Office Remote Access”, tap to select a token image if desired (optional), and tap “Save”.

Initiate Remote Access Session

  1. Browse to Remote Access Authentication Website: Open your web browser and navigate to If for example your office website domain name was, you would browse to
  2. Enter your Windows Network Credentials: Enter the credentials you use to log into your office computer after turning it on and click “Login”.

    If using WatchGuard hardware token, enter 6 digit hardware token value in “Password” field after entering password, then click “Login” button.

  3. Approve Login on Smart Phone: On your smart phone device, tap to open “AuthPoint” push notification and tap “Approve” to approve login attempt.

    Skip this step and proceed to following step if using WatchGuard AuthPoint hardware token. 

  4. Confirm Login: If your credentials and AuthPoint approval are accepted, the site will display “You have been successfully authenticated”.

    IMPORTANT: Keep the browser tab you authenticated to the site above with open (it is OK to minimize to task bar) for the duration of your remote access session. Closing this tab will cause your remote session to time out.

  5. Launch your Remote Access Session: Now that you have authenticated, double click to launch your remote access using normal standard method. 

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