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Product Receiving

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Refer to the process below to receive IT related products once they arrive at your office.

  1. Open Shipping Container(s) & Leave Items Intact: Upon receiving an IT product delivery from DTS at your office location, take note of the vendor products were shipped from, and open the shipping container(s) but do not open individual items to ensure no components are misplaced or lost prior to installation.

    • After opening, please retain original containers (boxes) in which items were shipped in case returns are required.
    • Consistent placement of products in your DHS Designated Product Receiving Location allows our field service technicians to easily locate your IT products when they arrive onsite.
  2. Group Like Items Together: Group like items with the same part/model number together.
  3. Document Items Received: With a pen and paper or other recording device, document the Product ID (located on item packaging/container), Description, and Quantity of each item received.

  4. Place Items in Designated Product Receiving Location: Place items in DTS Designated Product Receiving Location in your office location selected during your DTS product receiving training session provided by our Procurement Administrator. 
  5. Log into DHS Product Receiving Website: Click the associated internet shortcut on your computer desktop or browser to log into your DTS “Client Product Receiving” website using the password supplied during your training session with our Procurement Administrator.
  6. Identify Matching Purchase Order: The first purchase order in the list below the “Refresh Orders” button on the left will open automatically open upon logging in. Compare your recorded list of items received with the purchase order shown, and if it does not match, click to select other purchase orders in the list until a matching order is identified.
  7. Receive Items in Portal: Referring to your recorded list of items received, click the “Receive” button to the right of each item shown in product pane, enter quantity received, and click “OK”.


  8. Certify Order as Received: Upon fully receiving last open item in any purchase order, you will be presented with a message, asking for certification that all items on purchase order have been received. If you are confident that all items on the purchase order have been received accurately, enter you first and last name and click “Order Fully Received” button. Once button is clicked, DTS will be automatically notified and we will reach out to schedule your installation. No further communication is required to initiate project.
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