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Our Mission: Your peace of mind

We do IT with love.

Digicom Technology Solutions provides outsourced IT services for small and medium-sized organizations across the continental United States. DTS was founded in 2008 by John Newcomb in the San Francisco Bay Area. John now leads a team of over 20 IT engineers, consultants, and customer service experts.

Our focus is on SMBs and nonprofits, and our service model is designed to free leaders of these organizations from the need to worry about their technology. 

Specifically, our clients want to know their IT investments are paying for themselves by making their employees more productive and their operations more secure. We deliver these results through customized IT security, maintenance, and support services. With DTS, you won’t need to think about IT anymore — that’s our job.

Clients come first at DTS.

As a team, we offer a diverse set of skills that check all the boxes required to secure, protect, and maintain your IT systems.

While we strive for excellence in our technical abilities and the services we deliver, we recognize that the relationships we build with our clients are the true heart of our business.

John Newcomb

President and Founder
Digicom Technology Solutions

The DTS Team

Clients trust us to protect their livelihoods, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Great care is taken in selecting each DTS team member, including a seven-step hiring process with multiple interviews, aptitude tests, and background checks. This process ensures you’re served by only the most qualified and trustworthy individuals.

With DTS, you have access to a team of IT professionals who share the common goal of serving your best interests. You are supported by people with years of expertise in cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery, regulatory compliance, systems administration, virtualization, project management, and much more. And all of our services are reported to you each month so you can track your technology progress and ROI.

Our Core Values

Below are our company’s core values — a creed of service our team embraces and practices each day. These values are vital to our success and ensure we’re always acting with your best interests in mind.

We serve with transparency, openness, and fairness. All support decisions and product recommendations are made with our clients’ best interests in mind. Services and products must create real value for our clients, and all products are sold at cost, thereby avoiding conflicts of interest. Integrity also means owning our mistakes and learning from them, so we are constantly improving our service delivery.

Our clients invest their hard-earned dollars in us, and it’s our responsibility to repay that investment with our best efforts. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality in every aspect of our business, including system design, implementation, support, and maintenance. We delight in consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations. This means doing things right the first time, always doing our best, and making intelligent decisions. 

We focus on quality products and services that provide our clients with the lowest possible long-term TCO (total cost of ownership). That’s why we only partner with technology vendors whose products offer the best value in terms of performance, efficiency, and reliability. To us, better utility and value mean better services for our clients, and that’s a win for us both!

We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate our services and products. For example, our support processes come from years of refinement and allow our team to solve issues large and small for our clients. We’ve also developed many custom applications to meet our clients’ needs. To respond more quickly to client requests, we also custom-engineered an alerting system that makes our team aware at the instant client requests are made. 

With the fast pace of life, it’s easy to forget what matters most. Our products and services are not our reason for existing as a company, they’re simply a means through which we care for those we serve. Our primary reason for being is to support each other. We therefore value the power of kindness when relating to our clients, team members, and vendors.

Are we a fit?

DTS is passionate about serving the business needs of small to medium-sized organizations. You focus on growth — we deliver comprehensive IT solutions that support your productivity and security. Partner with us if you value the role that IT plays in your operations.

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IT experts with nationwide reach

Since 2008, DTS has been providing IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across the lower 48 states from our base in the Bay Area. 

From regulatory compliance, network design, hardware integration, and systems management, DTS does it all.

Wherever you are, contact us today to join our growing list of satisfied clients.

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