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DTS SecurePass

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DTS SecurePass, powered by Password Boss, is a password and identity manager. SecurePass securely stores your passwords and identity information so you can log into websites and fill forms quickly and easily. Please use the guide below to configure and use SecurePass.

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Configuring your Identity

Follow the steps in this section if you wish to quickly auto-fill online web forms with your business information rather than manually filling forms repeatedly. Auto-fill is an amazing time saver and it can fill in an entire form on a website with a single click.
  1. Start Identity Wizard: Double click “Password Boss” icon to open application, select “Identities”, and select “Add New Identity”.                                                                               
  2. Create Identity: Name your identity, add desired data items, and click “Save”.

Creating & Memorizing Website Login Credentials 

  1. Navigate to Desired Website: Navigate to desired website you would like to create account or save credentials for and start the account creation process.                                 
  2. Complete & Save Website Form:
    1. Complete Form Fields: Complete form information fields including username and other required information but don’t enter a password yet. If you have previously created an identify, click Password Boss icon next to form fields to auto-fill them.
    2. Generate Password & Save Login Information: Click Password Boss icon next to a password field, and click “Generate” link to generate a secure password, and click “Save” to save login credentials.                                                                                       

      By default, login credentials will be saved to your company profile. To save to your personal profile, select “Show More” and select “Personal” profile option. Both your company and personal profile are encrypted, secure, and private. Use one or the other depending on how you prefer to organize your login credentials.

Logging into Websites

  1. Browse to Desired Website: Navigate to the website you wish to log into and have previously saved the login credentials to.
  2. Log in with SecurePass: Click Password Boss Icon and select login card to automatically log into website.                                                                                                                         


Website credentials, credit card, and secure notes can be securely shared with other team members using the following process. Shared items are encrypted, meaning that only you and the recipient(s) have access to the shared data.

  1. Open Password Boss: Open Password Boss program.
  2. Select Share Center: From the left menu, choose Share Center.                                             


  3. Create New Share: Click on the orange circle add_item.png to create a new Share – the New Shared Item window will open.
  4. Select Share Profile: Select the profile you want to share items fromTypically, you will select your business (not personal) profile.
  5. Select Items or Folder to Share: Check the box next to each item or folder you want to share and click “Next”.                                                                                                               

    To share website credentials or other items with your team, the best practice is to create a folder in Password Boss and move the items you wish to share into that folder. That way, when you wish to stop sharing an item or share a new item, you simply need only add the item to the folder you’ve previously shared. For more information on creating folders, click here.

  6. Create and Save Share: Enter a Name for the Share, add recipient, select sharing security preferences, pick a sharing duration and select “Share item”.                                     


    • You can select individuals or groups to share items with. By default, you’ll have a “Everyone” group that includes all staff members and a “Management” group that includes managers at your organization. To add a new staff member to a group or to create a new group, contact DTS Support.
    • The best practice when sharing passwords is to set “Read Only / Password not visible” sharing permissions. This way, passwords are kept private in your organization. 

Additional Information

For more information on using DTS SecurePass, powered by Password Boss, access the online manual.

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