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How DTS helps

Too often, today’s technologies can create their own risk factors and inefficiencies. Nowhere is this more true than in manufacturing. We are here to remove these burdens with customized networked solutions for all your production and communication needs.

Our IT services for manufacturing companies ensure your technology lets you focus on your process efficiencies and production deadlines. The goals are network stability and security, and the elimination of your bottlenecks and downtime.  

Problems solved

Our IT services for manufacturing companies directly address:

Manufacturing-specific needs

Whether it's inventory management, logistics optimization, or process automation, our IT services will directly address your unique challenges.

Supply chain integration

Integrate your IT systems with your suppliers, partners, and customers, just like the major manufacturers.


If you’re expanding production or your orders fluctuate throughout the year, your IT will scale to your needs without you having to play catch-up or let resources sit idle.

Data security

Leverage digital tools that protect your intellectual property and the privacy of your workers, partners, suppliers, and customers.

Multi-site coverage

Cloud solutions enable the secure linking of multiple manufacturing sites, and control systems keep your production on track across your site or across the country.

Process efficiency

Find new ways to extract value from your equipment and optimize your manufacturing processes so you can improve overall productivity.

ProActive Care™ delivers comprehensive IT services for manufacturing companies.

Everything you need to secure, protect, and maintain your manufacturing operations

ProActive Care™ provides enterprise-level IT support at an affordable flat monthly rate. 24/7 monitoring? Help desk support? Projects? Managed backups and security? Done! 

ProActive Care™ is your complete solution for a stress-free IT experience. Never worry about IT again!

The broad strokes of a typical SLA include: 

High system availability with minimal downtime
24/7/365 monitoring with sub-one minute response times
Comprehensive, fast, and secure wireless access
Professional email with encryption and anti-spam
Multiple measures to address data security, compliance, and liability
Unification of your IT systems and online documentation
Secure password and site-access management systems
Full transparency via detailed monthly reports

Why outsource your IT?

These benefits make outsourcing your IT extremely cost-effective. Investing in our services can bring you long-term cost savings and increased productivity by reducing manual work, improving resource utilization, and preventing costly downtime due to IT issues.

What does digital transformation mean for my manufacturing business?

New technologies can be intimidating for small and medium-sized manufacturers, but it’s the smaller firms like yours that can benefit the most. There are multiple technologies that smaller manufacturers can leverage to drive growth and innovation:

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are used to monitor and control production processes on the factory floor, allowing manufacturers to make informed decisions to improve efficiency and productivity.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) software manages a product’s life from inception through engineering design and manufacturing to service and disposal. Manufacturers can more easily collaborate on product development, manage design changes, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Supply chain management (SCM) systems optimize the flow of goods and services from raw material suppliers to the end customer. They help manufacturers coordinate with suppliers, manage inventory, and improve logistics to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects machines, sensors, and other devices on the factory floor to gather and analyze data. This enables predictive maintenance, real-time production monitoring, and optimization of manufacturing processes.

Robotics and automation are revolutionizing manufacturing with robotic arms, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and flexible manufacturing systems that improve production efficiency and agility.

3D printing/additive manufacturing enables manufacturers to quickly create complex parts and prototypes with high precision and minimal waste, revolutionizing the manufacturing of custom parts and small production runs.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems integrate core business processes such as finance, HR, and supply chain management into a single system. In manufacturing, ERP systems help streamline operations, manage inventory, track orders, and optimize production schedules.

If you need guidance, our IT services for manufacturing companies will help you keep pace with developments in technology.

Comprehensive IT services for manufacturing companies

IT experts with nationwide reach

Since 2008, DTS has been providing IT solutions for small and medium-sized manufacturers across the lower 48 states from our base in the Bay Area. 

From regulatory compliance, network design, hardware integration, and systems management, DTS does it all.

Wherever you are and whatever you build, contact us today to join our growing list of satisfied clients.

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