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Submitting Request to Unblock Website

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DTS Web Security automatically blocks non-secure and non-work related websites to keep your system secure and HIPAA compliant. There are times however that a staff member may have a professional need to access a blocked site. When this happens, please follow the directions below to submit a request to have the site manually unblocked.

  1. When DTS Web Security blocks a site, the following message will appear. Click “Contact your network administrator”.                                                                               
  2. Enter your NameEmail Address, and in the Message field, enter “please unblock this website” or similar message. Next click “Send Message”.                                                   

  3. A message will be sent to the DTS Help Desk and a technician will be assigned to contact you and if appropriate, unblock the website.
At times rather than the “This domain is blocked” message shown above, you will simply see a security certificate error like the one shown below. If this happens, simply send a help request to [email protected], indicate the error message you received, and website you would like access to.

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