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Client Responsibilities

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So we can deliver the highest level of support to you and your organization, please assist us with the following items.

Notify us Before Selecting Technology Solutions

Please consult with us first when considering changes to your technology and before making any decisions that will, in any way, involve your computer systems and technology systems. Many regulatory compliance standards require that we document all changes to your systems and technology. In addition, when we are involved in the selection process, we can make sure appropriate and effective solutions are selected to best meet the desired goal. It is critical that we evaluate solutions prior to implementation to ensure they are compatible with existing systems. Also note that all computer, software, and other IT components must be supplied by DTS during our support relationship. Product procurement is included with your support agreement and all products are supplied at direct cost.

Notify us Before Setting Technology Vendor Appointments

Before making appointments of any kind with technology vendors, please submit a support request to our help desk. We will create an action plan and coordinate a time that is convenient for your office, the technology vendor, and DTS to ensure effective collaboration for a successful implementation.

Use us Exclusively to Supply IT Products

Please remember that all computers, IT cabling, computer & network connected medical diagnostic devices, other network connected IT devices, and software for use in your business environment must be exclusively supplied/procured by DTS during the term of your ProActive Care support agreement. All items are supplied at our direct wholesale cost. Doing so allows us to:

  • Establish Vendor Relationships: We want to establish the initial relationship with vendors so we can easily process returns, get manufacturer support, and process warranty claims as required.
  • Make Compatible Device Selections: We start by carefully assessing your needs and then select the best devices and software that are compatible with your systems.
  • Leverage Internal Resources: Through years of research and development, we have selected best-of-breed devices and have developed partnerships with specific IT vendors along with training in implementing their products. We leverage this knowledge to ensure we provide the best overall value and results.
  • Plan, Process, and Document: We have a specific process for implementing new devices that involves detailed planning and scheduling for installation success and thoroughly documenting each device so our technicians and engineers have the information they need to support you when required.
  • Maintain HIPAA Compliance: HIPAA guidelines require that we keep accurate records of the IT components of your electronic health records system, much of which occurs during the procurement process before the device is installed.
  • Keep Costs Low & Value High: Your support in our procurement process allows us to keep your costs as low as possible and maintain the highest support value possible.
  • Produce the Best Results: Through internal procurement, we can Produce the best overall results during the implementation process and during ongoing support engagements afterward for the lifespan of the solution.
  • Direct Cost: All items are procured at our direct cost with 0% markup.
  • Wholesale Pricing: We Leverage our relationships with the largest IT distributors in the country to give you the best racing available.
  • Reduce Administrative Costs: DTS procures all products for your team, saving you time and money.
  • When procuring network/computer connected medical equipment or medical software, DTS will negotiate the best price and typically arrange for the vendor to bill your office directedly. 
  • Physical items ordered will be drop shipped directly to your site/office. Items electronically delivered are housed on DTS servers in a dedicated client/site folder.
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