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Newsletter August 2020

Table of Contents
  ISSUE ONE August, 2020  
In This Issue:
  A Message From The President
  TechTalk – Keyboard shortcuts for productivity
  Meet Our Experts – Seth Lohr
  Solution Spotlight – OperaDDS
  Health & Wellness – Greens: Nature’s Nutritional Powerhouse
  Security & HIPAA – Avoiding phishing attacks
  Refer a Friend & Receive an Amazon Gift Certificate
  A Message from the President  
Thank you for taking the time to browse the first edition of our newsletter. I have wanted to launch a company newsletter for some time so it feels great to finally get this project started. Our goal going forward will be to publish a newsletter every month and share technology tips, security best practices, new useful products, and more. I am also excited to share my passion for health and nutrition with you. We’ll feature nutrition tips as well as healthy recipes.

It’s been a trying time for all with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic but I am very happy to see that at least most of us are back in the office now and working again. During the downtime, we worked hard to continue to develop our business processes, technical documentation, and cloud software offerings. I am also excited to announce the launch of OUR NEW WEBSITE which we have been working very hard on! Please take a few moments to explore our team page to learn more about your IT support crew and check out our company values page which we worked together to develop. Many of you supported us with video and audio testimonials and we greatly appreciate it!
Tech Talk

Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity
  Health & Wellness

Greens: Nature’s Nutritional Powerhouse
  These days, computers have almost become an extension of ourselves as we use them so frequently in our professions. Whether it’s scheduling, charting, imaging, or accounting, it’s important that our interactions with computers are efficient and productive. Using keyboard shortcuts are a great way to ease your work load and make your computing experience better. Here are some of our favorites:
  Ctrl+A: Select all
This command lets you highlight all the text in a document or select all the files in a folder. Selecting Ctrl+A can save you time you’d otherwise spend clicking and dragging your mouse.
  Control+C: Copy
This command lets you copy text in a document or files in a folder.
  Control+V Paste
This command lets you paste text in a document or files to a folder.
  Win+D: Show or hide the desktop
This keyboard combo minimizes all open windows, bringing your home screen into view.
  Win+left arrow or Win+right arrow: Snap windows
Snapping a window simply opens it on one side of the screen (left or right, depending on which arrow you select). This allows you to compare two windows side-by-side and keep your desktop organized.
  Control+P: Print
Brings up the printing dialog screen in most applications and browsers.
  Win+L: Lock your computer
Win+L locks your screen for HIPAA compliance but keeps all of your applications open.
By John Newcomb

To obtain proper nutrition from the foods we eat, it is important to focus on foods that are “nutrient dense”. Whole, unprocessed foods are more nutrient dense than processed foods. Each time a foodstuff is processed, it looses nutrients and most packaged foods have been processed many times before they reach your dinner table or enter your tummy.

The big problem with processed foods is since they contain fewer nutrients, we need to eat more of them to feel satisfied. The body is intelligent and it knows when we are not getting the nutrition we need. Picture a large plate of chocolate glazed donuts on a table and beside that, a large plate of apples. Do you think you could eat more apples or donuts? When we eat whole foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, raw nuts, and seeds, we naturally feel full more quickly, both because the nutrient density of these foods is much higher and because they contain more fiber as well.

Of all available foods, leafy greens are the most nutrient dense. Greens are absolute powerhouses of nutrition and we should all eat more of them every day. Greens are packed with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fiber, but also low in calories. Surprisingly, greens are high in protein as well!

Enjoy the recipe below to bring more greens into your life. It’s quick to make, frothy, and absolutely delicious!
Green-Orange Goddess
Servings: 2-3
  • 5 oranges (juiced)
  • 5 cups spinach
Juice 5 fresh oranges with citrus juicer or by hand. Place juice in blender along with spinach and blend on high for 10-15 seconds. Enjoy immediately (does not stay fresh long).
Meet Our Experts

Meet Seth Lohr, our new Field Service Technician
  Security & HIPAA

Six Tips to Avoid Getting Phished
  Seth joined the DHS team in January of this year as a Field Service Technician and works diligently to diagnose and resolve your onsite IT issues! We interviewed Seth and here are some of his responses:

What is your favorite aspect of your job?
The greatest value we bring our clients is empathy and commitment. If we can show others we care and are always willing to try, that’s great customer service.

How long have you been working in IT?
At age 11, I developed an interest in computers and was fascinated by the wealth of information available on the Internet. I started my career in manufacturing technology before deciding to take up computing full-time and studied to obtain an IT degree from Purdue University. When I am not working, I am typically reading a book, teaching myself computer programming, or having deep intellectual discussions with fellow college students or my girlfriend.

Besides IT, what else do you enjoy?
I enjoy off-roading in Jeeps, playing most board games, and teaching myself Spanish and German.
      By Tim Sutton

Phishing is an attempt to deceive a person into providing their username, password or other sensitive information, typically by clicking on an email link. We’ve compiled six tips to help you spot a phishing attempt so you don’t get reeled in.

1.   Make sure that the sender’s name matches the email address. If the sender has a name you know but an unfamiliar email, this is likely your first indicator that this is a fraudulent email.

2.   Look for odd spelling mistakes or letter/number substitutions. These can indicate malicious foreign actors, bot activity, or just attempts to defeat email filters.

3.   Be cautious when an email leads you to a website requesting your username and password.

4.   If you click on a link and the webpage is for a company you know (DocuSign, Microsoft, etc.) but the web address doesn’t match (not,, etc.) it’s likely a malicious site.

5.   Watch out for messages expressing a sense of urgency. This is used as a tactic to trick the reader into acting quickly without spending time to consider the validity of the request.

6.   If you aren’t expecting an encrypted or secured document from someone, call them on the phone to verify that they sent it.

If you receive an email that you’re unsure about and these tips don’t help you determine if it’s legitimate, forward it to [email protected] and we will be happy to help identify the validity of the message for you.
Solution Spotlight

OperaDDS is an effective Paperless Forms & Patient Reminder solution
  Refer a Friend

Love our Service? Tell a
Friend & Earn $250!

  If you use Eaglesoft, Dentrix, or Open Dental, you may be interested in checking out OperaDDS. They provide an electronic paperless forms solution that directly integrates with Eaglesoft, Dentrix, or Open Dental and also offer a patient reminder solution with integrated chat as well.

In order to remain objective, we don’t resell practice management software or related solutions nor are we sponsored by these companies which allows us to make unbiased recommendations. We have helped several clients onboard with OperaDDS thus far and we feel it is one of the most effective paperless solutions available to date. To learn more visit
    If you love our service, the biggest compliment you can pay us is to refer your friends or colleagues.

For anyone you refer to us that becomes a client, we will:
  • Give you an Amazon gift certificate for $250

  • Give your referral an Amazon gift certificate for $250
If you know of someone who could benefit from our services, please forward this newsletter to them along with a note about your experience working with us.

We appreciate all of your support!
  Digicom Healthcare Solutions
(800) 777-8089
[email protected]
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