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3 Technologies Your Business Can Use Right Now

Many people underestimated the ravages of COVID-19 when it first appeared outside of China in late February 2020. Four months later, as the pandemic rages on, some employees continue working from home with their hours cut. Even worse, many remain unemployed. Business owners during this difficult time face hard decisions, including halting all major IT projects. Yet your practice still needs cost-effective technology solutions. Consider these three useful options.

1 – Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Your data is your business’s lifeblood. Protecting it must be a top priority. BDR is the most effective means to prevent data loss. Our BDR system features a network-attached device configured to record changes in your data as often as every 15 minutes, guaranteeing minimal data loss should an outage occur.
After we take your data “snapshot,” we upload it to the cloud, securely storing it in our offsite data center. Should the unthinkable happen, your data is still protected.

2 – Virtualized Environments

Before the advent of cloud computing, if your practice needed a new server, you carefully planned and budgeted for this expensive purchase. Local network elements–both software and hardware–are costly acquisitions. Many practices routinely spend $10K to over $100K for onsite IT that is underutilized or not optimized for their specific needs.

A better alternative is to take advantage of modern virtualized network environments. With virtualization, you digitize and transfer data from several servers to one single hardware element. Our advanced network architecture techniques transform this centralized system into multiple virtual applications for your practice. By migrating to a virtualized environment, you spend less on hardware yet still receive robust computing power to run your practice effectively. Now that this technology can be purchased from the cloud, your organization will further reduce upfront capital outlays.

3 – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Businesses rely on their communications systems. Today, you have other options beyond pricey voice and data plans from your regional telephone company (telco). VoIP uses your existing Internet bandwidth to power an enterprise-grade, feature-rich phone system for a fraction of the cost your telco charges. VoIP features such as video and voice conferencing, instant messaging, and softphone capabilities help your practice’s bottom line. A VoIP solution is incredibly secure; built-in encryption ensures that your practice’s communications won’t be intercepted.

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