We’re Fanatical About Service Delivery

Great IT service starts with an absolute commitment to excellence and is carried out through the execution of well-defined processes. At DTS, our commitment to excellence shows in how we operate. Our highly detailed support procedures, daily team meetings to review issues, and client follow-up all help ensure we are delivering the best support experience possible. Our goal is to make it easy for our clients to reach out for support, respond quickly, provide thorough and accurate resolutions, and do it all with great bedside manner.

Our Focus on Planning & Process

Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, estimates that 75% of all IT projects fail. To achieve success in IT project implementation, thorough planning including preparation is the key. Preparation means that we’re taking the time to properly assess our client’s needs to create the right IT solution. Only then do we move into the execution phase of the project, leveraging our extensive written process documentation. Our detailed technical processes include step by step instructions from start to finish so our team can deliver consistent and quality results.

Our Passion For Excellence & Innovation

Some IT organizations are happy with providing service that’s “good enough” to get by. They may miss a few details here and there, but as long as systems are working, who cares as long as the client is happy, right? Wrong! Excellence in IT all comes down to knowledge and details. To properly secure, protect, and maintain systems and networks, strict adherence to detail is critical. One missed step could mean the difference between a productive workday and a crippling outage. DTS is passionate about details, constant learning, and continual innovation.

We Do What’s Right For Our Clients

At DTS, we highly value our clients and while it may sound strange, profits are more of an afterthought. The way we see it, if we take care of our clients, they will take care of us. In fact, our entire business is built around doing what’s best for our customers. We’ve carefully engineered our support and product offerings to meet our clients’ needs and we will not push something they don't need. We procure all products at our direct cost and offer comprehensive support plans that address IT needs with no hidden costs or surprises.

"Of all of the relationships I have had in my business, I value and trust yours the most. You've always been honest and provided us excellent support over the years. I've always felt taken care of and have never felt taken advantage of."

Jim P. Const, DDS
San Francisco, CA