You don’t have the time nor the inclination to think about IT. With ProActive Care™ from DTS, you don’t have to! ProActive Care™ is a comprehensive technology support solution that includes everything you need to secure, protect, and maintain your computer network. ProActive Care™ keeps your technology healthy and operating smoothly.

If systems suddenly fail, you’re left without access to business information—creating costly, unproductive downtime and possible data loss. Instead of a “break-fix” reactionary approach to IT, we continuously monitor and manage the health of your systems 24/7, using our powerful network monitoring tools that relay real-time IT health status to our team. 

ProActive Care™ provides your business with enterprise-level IT services at an affordable flat monthly rate. Help desk support? Projects? Monitored data backup? Managed security? Done! ProActive Care™ is your complete solution for a worry-free IT experience. Never worry about IT again!

Cybercrime costs US businesses as much as $110 billion per year. Data breaches can irreparably damage trust and destroy the reputation you’ve spent years building.

DTS takes your security seriously. That’s why we partner with world-class vendors like Cisco, WatchGuard, ESET, and others to protect your data against malware and hackers. It’s also why we’ve implemented a comprehensive set of network management practices and protocols to keep your data safe including:

  • Managed Security Patching
  • Managed Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware
  • Managed Web & Email Security
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention
  • Vulnerability Management
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Secure User Password Management

Security is only as good as its weakest link. That’s why careful attention to developing a healthy security posture is so important. Good security practices is  fundamental in how we care for our clients and the systems they need to protect. With ProActive Care™, we’ll manage your network security so you can focus on your business.

Networks must be monitored to keep them secure, protected, and maintained. Server outages, failed backup jobs, low disk space, storage failures, and malware activity are just a fraction of the technology metrics we monitor to ensure system continuity for your business.

Technology health monitoring is an art form that is rarely mastered. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and attention to detail to develop accurate and effective monitoring tools. Through our investment in the best monitoring tools available and years of continual refinement, our monitoring platform provides our team with an extraordinary ability to proactively respond to your technology issues.

Technology monitoring is all about accessing the information we need to effectively respond to issues before they cause problems for you and your team. Our monitoring software constantly observes your network’s status to ensure security, reliability, and performance. DTS proactively monitors your systems 24/7/365, notifying our engineers before trouble strikes. Don’t settle for “break-fix” IT; discover how our ProActive Care™ support program takes the worry out of IT!

Our unlimited remote support and unlimited on-site support (included with our premium service) are cornerstones of our ProActive Care™ support program. When you need help, we’re there—and we care. Our team will not only responds quickly and solve your problems, our bedside manner will make you happy to be one of our valued clients.

Whether it’s an application error, a printing issue, a performance problem, or you just have a question, the DTS support team is always ready and eager to help. Our goal is to respond quickly and provide quality solutions to your technology challenges. To ensure your support experience is excellent, we have a process for making sure we’re performing at our best:

  1. Support Request: We are open 7 days a week from 7 am-7 pm to take your requests by email or phone. 
  2. Acknowledgment: We immediately send you an email confirmation and generate a service ticket.
  3. Ticket Processing: We process your ticket and assess your request within 1 minute of receipt.
  4. Response: Your ticket is assigned to a technician or engineer, we begin work on your issue, and reply via phone or email. We remain in contact with you until a resolution attained. Urgent issues are responded to in 5 minutes or less.
  5. Resolution: After resolving your issue, you’ll receive a call if appropriate and email detailing our solution to your request. We don’t consider your issue resolved until we have answered all of your questions and AND we are fully confident in the solution provided.

At DTS, we specialize in the many products and services required to build effective networks. As a result, we’re in a unique position to manage each of your technology vendors for you. We’ll contact your vendors on your behalf and leverage the knowledge we have of your network and systems to address your technical issues. We’ll also add manage your accounts and negotiate the best pricing. ProActive Care™ services include management of your:

  • Software Vendors
  • Hardware & Equipment Vendors
  • Broadband Internet & Connectivity Vendors
  • Network, Web, & Security Vendors
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery vendors

Our vendor management service benefits your organization in several ways. First, staff stay productive and do not need to call or wait on hold with vendors to troubleshoot technical issues or make account adjustments, saving you time and money. Second, DTS technicians and engineers can leverage our extensive knowledge of your network and systems to obtain accurate, high-quality resolutions. Third, each vendor issue and resolution is documented for regulatory compliance. Finally, our team serves as a single point of contact and takes full responsibility for all vendors so you avoid the hassle.

All businesses need robust data backup and disaster recovery. Unfortunately, our experience is that many organizations do not have adequate backup tools in place. Others believe they have a working backup system, only to find it fails when they need it most. The unfortunate fact is that 80% of companies that experience significant data loss go out of business within a year. Protect your data—don’t become a statistic!

Since robust and reliable backup & disaster recovery is absolutely critical, we created ProActive Backup™ powered by Veeam, the global leader in backup technology. ProActive Backup™ features:

  • Reliable Enterprise-Grade Backup.
  • Hourly Backups for Granular Restores
  • Backup Volumes Securely Encrypted
  • Hybrid Backup Stores Data Backups Locally for Fast Restores & Offsite in SSAE 16 Type II- Compliant Data Center for Safety
  • 60-Days of Data Backup Archives
  • Ability to Instantly Recover Production Servers in Case of Server Failures
  • Fully Monitored & Managed by DTS

With DTS ProActive Backup™ you can be assured that your data is being protected with the best tools in the industry. With instant server recovery, we deliver excellent RTO (Recovery Time Objective). In addition to entire servers, we can also restore individual files, applications, databases, directory objects, and even individual messages.

ProActive Care™ includes secure email services for your entire team. DTS SecureMail is the platform we use to deliver this service. Powered by Microsoft Exchange, SecureMail offers flexibility, regulatory compliance and is fully managed by DTS engineers.

SecureMail Features:

  • Secure, Enterprise-Class Email for your entire team
  • Company web domain integration
  • Access from Outlook, Webmail, and iOS/Android
  • Enterprise-Class Spam Filtering and Security
  • Email Encryption and Regulatory Compliance

SecureMail is a robust email solution that can be customized to meet the needs of any organization. We fully manage your experience including account management, rights/access, public folders, message tracking, issue remediation, training, and more. SecureMail is an important part of our ProActive Care™ strategy to provide you with a worry-free IT experience!

The DTS Cloud to provides your organization with key applications to meet your productivity needs. DTS Cloud applications include:

  • DTS SecureMail: Compliant secure, business-class email with encryption
  • DTS SecureChat: Rich persistent chat platform for one-on-one and & team collaboration.
  • DTS SecureFax: Compliant, paperless, & searchable electronic faxing
  • DTS SecureShare: Secure file sharing with clients, colleagues, and organizations
  •  DTS SecurePass: Secure staff password management and private team sharing

In addition to DTS branded cloud solutions, we also offer PaaS (Platform as a Service) including:

  • Virtual Server Hosting
  • Application Hosting
  • Remote Desktop Services
Benefits include reduced capital expense, dynamic scalability and more.

Documentation and asset management is a key part of regulatory compliance and is an important IT initiative in all organizations. 

To serve the IT and compliance needs of our clients, we address documentation and asset management in many ways. First, when we onboard new clients, we inventory and carefully document all software and devices in our Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) and Professional Services Automation (PSA) software. Second, through our direct cost procurement services, we take inventory of and document all newly purchased devices before they are installed. Finally, all additions and changes to your IT infrastructure are documented in our PSA software. As a result of these procedures, DTS meets your documentation and asset management needs.

Documentation and asset management is another service in the ProActive Care™ suite that makes you feel good about IT!

At DTS, we don’t just tell you what we’re doing to manage your IT; we show you with detailed monthly technology reports. We feel that it’s our responsibility to keep you informed and to demonstrate the value we’re providing for your organization. 

We report monthly on several key IT metrics and health indicators including:

  • Support requests opened by your team including drill-down detail.
  • Support requests closed by DTS support including drill-down detail.
  • Data backup summary.
  • Email security summary.
  • Internet security summary.
  • Top domains accessed & blocked.
  • Sever & workstation patch status.
  • Server and workstation Anti-Virus status.
  • Server & workstation inventory detail.
  • And more

ProActive Care™ monthly system health reports give you a birds-eye view of what’s happening on your network and how our team is interacting with your staff and systems. What kind of technical requests Is your staff making? Is your backup functional and healthy? What about email and internet security? Our monthly reports answer these questions and more. 

“One of the best decisions I have ever made was hiring Digicom Technology Solutions to design and implement our Computer Network.”

Dr. Alan Goldhamer
TrueNorth Health Center