In business, you must must carefully plan to ensure the best outcome. The same holds for IT when developing strategy and planning technology projects. We take time to understand your needs and properly assess your systems to ensure the best result. 

The health of your IT systems is critical to the health of your business. Your IT must work in harmony to deliver the data you depend on. We carefully work to develop the right IT strategy for your business before moving forward. 

From best practices to systems and network design, plan for success with DTS!

Network assessments are essential to developing a clear understanding of an organization’s current IT environment. This evaluation provides the information needed to take the next step in designing a network that will meet your needs and requirements. 

DTS starts each new client relationship with a thorough network assessment. We perform a comprehensive assessment of your computers, servers, devices, software, security posture, and more. Armed with this information, we’ll provide you with a report, and if required, advise you on changes or improvements needed to enhance network performance and security.

Network assessments are vital to the success of IT projects. Good baseline technical information leads to better planning and better results. At DTS, we’re committed to IT excellence and network assessments are just one of the many ways we deliver this to our valued clients.

DTS takes great care during the design process to ensure the networks and systems we build meets your specific needs and perform at their best. We take application, bandwidth, security, connectivity, and other requirements into account so systems function correctly and perform as intended.

To achieve quality designs and excellent performance, DTS utilizes a design methodology established by Cisco, one of our vendor partners, The “PPDIOO” model follows six steps:

  • Prepare
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Operate
  • Optimize

The benefits of the PPDIOO model include reduced costs, improved reliability, increased network performance, and better access to applications. This approach is particularly beneficial when integrating multiple sites into a single cohesive network.

 Unfortunately, our industry is plagued by substandard IT including poorly configured & managed networks. Not only does this hamper performance but it also creates serious security vulnerabilities. Excessive downtime, slowness/freezing, failed backups, malware infections, and even data breaches are the all-too-common results of bad IT choices and management. DTS is dedicated to great IT and we simply won’t settle for bad IT. We do this by adhering to a clearly defined and meticulously maintained set of best practices and procedures that allow us to achieve consistent results, project after project. After successfully completing a project, we’ll also continue to make optimizations as advancements become available. 

Best practices are not built overnight. Our know-how is the result of years of practice and continual refinement. Each time we execute a project, we spend considerable time evaluating and learning what we can improve upon. We then update our documentation (the “DTS Project Framework”), and make this information available to our technicians and engineers. Our team relies on the DTS Project Framework to achieve the high-quality results you deserve.

In an era of rapidly evolving technology and stringent regulatory frameworks, businesses face the daunting challenge of navigating complex compliance requirements. We assist our clients in meeting regulatory compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and others through:

  • Assisting with regulatory compliance assessments.
  • Cybersecurity solutions that meet or exceed compliance requirements.
  • Keeping software and IT equipment updated with the latest security patches.
  • Tracking, managing, and documenting system and configuration changes.
  • Robust data backup and disaster recovery systems.

To address requirements, DTS also collaborates with the Compliancy Group (the industry leader in HIPAA compliance consulting) to provide compliance training and consulting services. Their expert consulting services and software simplifies the process of both attaining and maintaining HIPAA compliance.

R&D is key to what we do at DTS. Deploying new technology products quickly without completing a thorough evaluation and adequate lab testing is often a recipe for disaster. We’ve spent years refining our IT expertise including our technology solution set and deployment processes. When we implement a technology product, you can be confident that we’ve done our due diligence to provide an effective solution that’s robust, reliable, and meets the intended use case.

As your IT services provider, we’re ultimately responsible for your network. That’s why we take quality control measures like product research and development very seriously. Selecting the right technology products improves the functionality of your systems and benefits your entire organization. Our R&D practices is another important way we create value for our clients.

During quarterly meetings with our clients, we’ll look for constructive feedback about our performance and service delivery. Is our communication with your staff effective? How are our response times? Is there anything we can do to make your experience better? We’ll discuss these topics as well as: 

  • Completed projects
  • Future IT projects
  • IT budgeting
  • Security & compliance.

You’ll also be assigned a vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) to ensure your IT strategy is implemented effectively. Your vCIO with work with you to critically assess your progress in aligning your technology with a roadmap that best meets your business objectives and goals. 

"I know of practices with ongoing technical issues but with DTS, we don't have that problem. They are determined, diligent, and I have the peace of mind knowing they are seamlessly managing our technology so we can focus on our patients."

Samuel Thacher, DDS
Modern Dentistry