Chiranjeet Jhala

Chiranjeet Jhala

Client Solutions Engineer

I started my career in 2010, after the completion of my graduation in Computer Applications. I joined my father’s business. He insisted I start my journey or rather “hike” at ground zero, so I started as a machinery engineer. In my 3+ years of working at the factory I learned how to work with people, enjoy teamwork, multi-task; work with people whilst managing them and appreciate people’s efforts. My most memorable times from this phase would be spending all my stipend on the very day I received it on treats for our workers and relishing the treats with them. 

In 2014 the business had to be shut down and I had to start afresh, thankfully I soon found an opportunity in a reputed local IT firm and have never thought of working in any other industry ever since, computers have fascinated me from my childhood days itself, I would always be trying to understand the mechanisms behind all my toys, gadgets at home etc. 7 years in this field and I feel I am living my passion every day. 

On my personal front I have been happily married for nearly 6 years now. We live together with my parents & brother’s family. I enjoy reading fiction, watching sports/good TV shows. Exercising and sports are my second love, I would walk inside the house during lockdowns. For a brief period of time during my college days I even worked part time as a gym instructor. 

During weekend I enjoy dining at restaurants with my group of friends/cousins, followed by a round of card games and lot of chatter. My group of friends and I have been together since school days, what started as a gang of 5 boys is now a gang of 5 couples and 2 kids. We make sure we all get together at least once a week. 

#Fun Facts 

  • Favorite Food: Uncle’s Burger 
  • Favorite Movie: Marvel Fan  
  • Favorite Sport to watch: F1 races 
  • Passionate about learning and understanding all kinds of devices and gadgets, cars. 
  • I am fussy about my food, don’t enjoy experimenting with my taste buds. 


  • Certified AWS Solutions Architect Associate, Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate, CCNA (Exp), MCSA, Mile 2 Pen-testing Engineer. 
  • System Administrator with 7 years of experience in configuring, monitoring, upgrading and maintaining systems hardware, software & related infrastructure.  
  • Sound knowledge of server 2019, server 2016, Windows, 7, 8, 10, Linux etc.  

“Put yourself in the customer’s shoes & then apply your knowledge”

Chiranjeet Jhala,
Client Solutions Engineer