Ajay Verma

Ajay Verma

Client Support Engineer

I started working while in college as a salesman going shop to shop, mostly because I loved to bike around during those days. After graduation I worked as phone service rep with a few companies including Dell, till it shut their office in our city. This prompted me to move to a different city where I started writing about games and technology for an online magazine. I got back into IT and after a few years came back to Chandigarh. 

On weekends I also like to binge TV, play games, and go shopping. Go out with friends to new restaurants or bars, which we later review. Fun fact, most of our furniture at home was built by my dad, with me helping. 

Fun Facts: 

  • Favorite Food: Coffee 
  • Loves video games: #PCgamer 
  • Loves SciFi anything: Books, Shows, Artwork 
  • Animal Lover, have had 2 Labradors 
  • Enthusiastic about architecture and design


  • Computer application graduate with post graduate diploma in CRM 
  • Microsoft certification for Windows server, Office 365 and Azure 
  • Over 11 years of IT user support experience

Good service is not just solving technical issues but making sure you listen and help with the user’s needs.

Ajay Verma
Client Support Engineer